im kinda cool i guess
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Steve’s 7 years old and sick, he’s dying - he already knows he’s on his way out, but his mom, his mom has a chance of having a really great life - so Steve goes to the crossroads with his little box of tin soldiers and the picture his mom likes best with his hair neatly swiped back and makes a deal with Buchanan - the crossroads demon.
Buchanan seals the deal with a kiss to Steve’s clammy forehead, giving him 10 years to spend in good health with his mom - who is cured of all ills.
Only, when Steve shows up after the 10 years, a half an hour early, Buchanan can’t believe that Steve showed - can’t believe that Steve is still  going to keep the word of a terrified 7 year old kid.He tells Steve he’s too busy making deals to take him now, but he’ll be back later.
And then later he can’t do it either.
And so he ends up just showing up at Steve’s place all the time, sometimes in different bodies but always just there - and Steve can always see the real him - trying to figure out why he can’t collect on the soul he was promised.
Eventually, he’s got two options, he takes the soul or he takes Steve’s place.
And he decides that he can’t kill Steve, good, honest, pure Steve - he takes his place in hell.
And when Steve find out…
He goes in to save him.


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" 私はいつの日かあなたが誰かを見つけることを願って
i hope someday you can find someone

whose presence can heal your pain. "
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